Takayasu Kuroda


CEO and creative visionary, experience in producing a number of famous artists and creating top creative agencies in Japan.

stu.inc's CEO and leading creative visionary. With a background in sound production, creative direction and producing, Takayasu has over 20 years of experience in the creative industry honing his entrepreneurial skills and has brought together a 30 strong team of creatives, technologists, producers, and archaeologists at the top of their industry. A Japan based entertainment entrepreneur and producer that has created a number of big hit content in a wide range of fields such as music, video, events, broadcasting, and space creation. In 2015, he sold his own planning and production company to the DMM.com group and established DMM.futureworks. During his tenure there, Takayasu worked on the animation business, virtual currency business, and resort development leading new business development for the DMM.com group.


After quitting the DMM group in 2017, Takayasu went on to establish the "stu" corporation. One of his first things he did was finding Mr. Kenshi Yonezu (米津玄師), who became one of Japan's leading artists today, and supported his major debut from his time as an indie artist to the establishment of his private office. In addition, Takayasu produced the world's first virtual artist “Hatsune Miku” ,  Mikuʼs live holographic concert in 2009 attracted worldwide attention. In 2015, he contributed to the operation and opening of the DMM VR THEATER established and operated in Yokohama.

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