Dominic Stewart

UK Studio Manager & Creative / Technical Director

Managing Director of the UK Studio and experienced Creative and Technical Director fluent in Japanese with a strong background in 3DCG and Interactive Design.

Having lived in Japan for 10 years, Dominic is ideally positioned to act as a bridge between the UK and Japan. Helping bring the immersive industry that's already reached maturity in Japan to a hungry British client base. Fluent in Japanese and English, Dominic has a background in Interactive and CG Design, both Creative and Technical Direction, Production Management and producing a wide range of content.

Dominic is the UK office's Managing Director and Lead Creative / Technical Consultant. Dominic has over 10 years of experience in Japan having worked at some of Japan's biggest game and animation production companies before moving to "DMM.futureworks" in 2015 where he spent over 3 years as the companies Lead Technical Director. Dominic is now based in the UK and working closely with the Japanese office to produce some of Japan's top visual experiences and video content. Some of which has found a large audience in the west by selling it to Netflix. During his time in Japan Dominic worked as Lead 3D Modeller, Creative Director, Production Coordinator, Technical Director and Assistant Producer and helped develop new business with the CEO of /stu when he was the CEO of "DMM.futureworks".


Dominic has worked on some of the biggest content in Japan, from working directly on "Gundam" movies for the world famous "Odaiba G-Dome", home to the life-size "Gundam" statue, and then working as Production Coordinator for "Digital Frontier" on a project to bring the "Mighty No. 9" intellectual property to America as an original TV show. In 2015, Dominic worked on some of the biggest Japanese anime content including "One Piece", "Hide", and numerous other properties for DMM.futureworks and was instrumental in bringing the content to the theatre in Japan. Since working at /stu, Dominic has worked as a producer for the "Sturgill Simpson" Netflix animated movie, creative and technical director for many of the visual experience projects and creator of many of the assets used in the NHK live shows, and offered his technical consulting skills and creative skills for the NHK: End of Year Show watched by over 30 million people.

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