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Takayasu Kuroda
CEO and creative visionary, experience in producing a number of famous artists and creating top creative agencies in Japan.
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Masahito Imamura
Vice President / 3DCG Producer
One of Japan's leading 3DCG producers and managers, able to think outside of the box and work with technical talent to successfully execute on creative projects.
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Hiroaki Takeuchi
Anime Producer / Production Producer
Specialist in Anime and Production Producing and working with top Japanese and Hollywood creative talent.
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Dominic Stewart
UK Studio Manager & Creative / Technical Director
Managing Director of the UK Studio and experienced Creative and Technical Director fluent in Japanese with a strong background in 3DCG and Interactive Design.
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Tatsuki Ishikawa
Lead Architect / Space Producer
First-class architect and visual space producer with experience in a wide range of creative projects.
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Hironori Sugino
Interactive Artist / Visual Programming
Top visual programming engineer and chief developer.
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Taisei Watanabe
Technical Director / Spatial Performance Director
Specializes in understanding the technical aspects of all projects and executing on all ideas.
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Kodai Takao
CG Director / Visual Programming
Fluent in English with a strong career in CG Direction and Visual Programming
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